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Miracles In Action Addiction Treatment Center provides co-occurring disorder diagnosis and dual diagnosis treatment in Burbank & Northridge.
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“The goal isn’t to be sober. The goal is to love yourself so much that you don’t need to drink.”

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One of the greatest causes of addiction relapse is the presence of underlying co-occurring disorders without dual diagnosis treatment.

Treating addiction should always include assessments for underlying co-occurring disorders, especially in cases of chronic relapse. Our experienced and compassionate medical staff are highly skilled at effective dual diagnosis treatment.

As addiction treatment research has advanced over the last few decades, it has been discovered that one of the greatest causes of addiction relapse is the presence of untreated underlying mental or emotional disorders. In order to provide the greatest possible chances for success, we offer psychiatric and biopsychosocial assessments to help find underlying issues and provide effective dual diagnosis treatment.

Led by our psychiatrist and team of licensed medical professionals, we diagnose and treat the disorders that interfere with successful long-term recovery. For those who are currently taking medication for a mental or emotional disorder, our psychiatrist can help diagnose, optimize, and manage the best treatment regimen for success in recovery.

The greatest benefit of dual diagnosis treatment is relief from the disorders that cause mental and emotional struggles and barriers to recovery. If a co-occurring disorder is suspect in addition to addiction, give us a call and we can discuss potential treatment strategies for each diagnosis.

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Addiction can devastate the lives of individuals, their loved ones, and the community at large. Knowing when and how to seek help is crucial.


We promote social involvement, support, and growth both during and after treatment to create a foundation of recovery. We introduce individuals to concepts that enforce the philosophy and practice of staying sober one day at a time.

Miracles in Action provides a warm, loving, and family feel to the recovery process. I can say that I am very fortunate to have witnessed the miracles that take place here. The management and clients past and present continue to make this place a success. Thank you Miracles in Action for all that you do.

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